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A Domestic Violence Lawyer Who Will Help You Overcome An Injunction

If you have been named in an injunction associated with accusations of domestic violence or other wrongdoings, you do not have to just accept it without question. At Law Office of Rami M. Ashouri, PLLC, in Jacksonville, you can find the representation you need to clear your name and reclaim your rights of freedom.

I am an experienced criminal defense attorney, the founder and owner of the Law Office of Rami M. Ashouri, PLLC, in Jacksonville, Florida. A criminal defense practice is not only about representing people at risk of being convicted for a felony or misdemeanor. As a skillful litigator, I am also available to represent you before a judge or another court authority in support of your right to have an injunction lifted. Contact my firm for information and help.

Types Of Injunctions I Will Fight Back Against On Your Behalf

The injunction that targets you is a court document demanding that you cease certain actions. It may be one of the following:

  • A temporary restraining order (TRO), perhaps preventing you from accessing a joint bank account, driving your car, entering your home or taking other actions that are normally within your rights
  • A preliminary injunction, similar to a TRO, which was issued after a formal hearing but before the conclusion of a legal action such as a trial
  • A permanent injunction that was issued at the conclusion of a trial or court hearing

The injunction that stands in your way may have come about through allegations of domestic violence, repeated violent actions or stalking, to name a few examples. No matter what the circumstances are, I hope you will give me the chance to explain how I can help you fight your injunction in Jacksonville and Duval, St. Johns, Clay and Nassau counties, or elsewhere in the region.

Legal Processes Associated With Injunctions

A TRO is sometimes issued on an emergency basis without a court hearing. If I represent you, I will treat your TRO or preliminary injunction defense as an emergency, as well. I may convince a judge that assertions that the prohibited actions are likely to cause irreparable harm to someone else are unjustified.

TROs typically stay in place for at least 14 days, and preliminary injunctions may last until a related legal case is completed. I am ready to fight to get your TRO or preliminary injunction released sooner than ordered. I look forward to collaborating with you to compile compelling evidence in support of a release from your injunction.

A permanent injunction can be tougher to overturn, but never assume it is impossible. A permanent injunction can prohibit you from:

  • Exercising your parental rights
  • Gaining access to property that should still be available to you
  • Contacting someone whom you frequently see in the course of your daily comings and goings.

I am an experienced domestic violence attorney. I am prepared to fight to have an unreasonable permanent injunction overturned or modified after your stalking case and laws related to stalking led to the permanent injunction.

Learn More About Your Injunction And How To Get It Released Or Modified

An injunction is not a criminal conviction, and I am determined to find the rays of hope you are looking for.

Contact me, an experienced lawyer for your stalking case, at 904-423-8444 or send an email inquiry to learn what I can do right away as well as for the duration of your legal troubles.